Organic Promise 


Organic Based Feeding

We strive to be as regenerative as possible while still maintaining a clean indoor environment.  We are able to do this by controlling all inputs from soil and amendments to dry and water soluble applications for increased productivity, potency, and flavors.  Using only OMRI & Organic approved inputs, zero pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides.


unique flavor profiles

Our goal is to bring the most unique strains to the market possible.  We are continually breeding our own in house strains to provide a diversified portfolio so our customers aren't looking for a remake or alternative of the best, we just strive to only grow the best.


no compromises

At Geek Farms, we will continue to strive to bring a responsible, clean, potent, and high quality product to the market every harvest.  We will not sacrifice our clean end product for small gains in profit or yield.