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Farm Exclusives


River Song

BlueJ X Dr Who

Bringing The Sweet Blueberry Flavors From The Unique BlueJ Mother Plant And Crossing It With Our Staple Strain. Dr Who Is One Of The Most Consistently Potent And Structurally Sound Strains On The Market Today, With A Hashy Flavor The Combination Makes For An Ultra Sturdy Strain With Large Nugs And Sweet/Funky Blueberry Flavors.


Jillybean X Oregon Blues

A Cross Of Jilly Bean (TGA) X Oregon Blues (Homegrown Natural Wonders) The Oregon Blues Brings Blueberry Terpine Profiles From The IBL Jamaican Blueberry Father Into Almost Every Cross We Do. The Candy Sweetness Of The Jillybean Brought A Unique Candied Profile To The Doughy Blueberry That Was Present In The Oregon Blues. Leaving Us With A Strain That Consistently Smells Like Blueberry Pancakes With A Side Of Orange Juice. A Room Of It Smells Like Breakfast.

Depoe Berry

Black Widow X (Trinity X Sweet Tooth)

Rotting Fruit And Funk Comes From This Hazy And Extremly Potent Veriety.  With A Long Flowering Time And Cannabis Indica (*Formerly Sativa) Growth Structure. 


Oregon indigo

Querkle x River Song
Grapes and Blueberry Cheesecake wrapped up all nicely in a resin coated package.


Farm Select


Dr. Who

Mad Scientist X Timewreck - Homegrown Natural Wonders

Old School Funk Meets New School Potency. A Deep Musk With Berry Highlights That Will Leave You In A Stupor For A Few Hours. Making Simple Tasks Difficult For All But The Most Seasoned Of Smokers.


Purple Urkle X Space Queen - TGA

Lavender And Grapes Will Fill The Room With Just The Slightest Nugget Of This Classic Poly-Hybrid.  The Golden Resin Profile And Massive Coverage Of Tricomes, This Particular Phenotype Has The Bag Appeal Most Strains Strive For. 

Head Doctor #11

Headband X Dr. Who - Homegrown Natural Wonders


frost boss 2.jpg

Frost Boss

Mob Boss X Timewreck - Homegrown Natural Wonders



 - Suny Cheba


Farm Classics



*OG X *Sour Diesel

Fuel Soaked Earth In Near Nauseating Intensity. Energetic While Also Dumbfounding,Headband Will Inspire You To Finish Those Menial Tasks You've Been Putting Off,While Simultaniously Leaving You Forgetful Of What The Task Actually Was.

Ghost OG

Ghost OG, A Cut Of OG Kush, Is A Hybrid Strain Loved For Its Balanced Cerebral And Body Effects. Often Described As Simultaneously Potent And Non-Intrusive, Ghost OG Has Won Itself Cup Awards And Renown Among Consumers. Its Strong Citrus Smell And Crystal-Covered Buds Hint At This Strain’s Strong Genetics And Its Ability To Annihilate Pain, Insomnia, Depression, And Anxiety. 

East Coast Sour Diesel

The Classic Sour Fuely Scent Of ECSD Is Reminiscent Of The Late Nineties. The Fast Acting,Pleasure Inducing High Makes Time Fly As You Perform Even Menial Tasks With An Ear To Ear Grin And A Burst Of Energy, Thanks To This Traditional Strain


Coming Soon

Coal Creek Kush

Mother Of Bruce Banner OG -Unknown Origin, Thought To Be A Cutting Of "OG" That Made It's Way To Colorado In The 90s And Renamed.

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