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  • Dr. Who AKA
    “The Doctor”

  • Head Doctor #7

  • River Song #2b

  • CRB
    “Crooked River Blues”

  • Chem D x I95

  • Do-Si-Dos

  • Huckleberry Diesel

  • Grimmdica
    (Hashplant x Afghani)

  • Oregon Indigo #1

*Coming Soon

  • Oregon Indigo #2

  • Head Doctor #11

  • BlueJ

  • Chetco Fire

  • Oregon Indigo #3

  • East COast Sour Diesel

  • Headband




Farm Exclusives
In House Strains Made by Geek Farms

  • BlueJ
    Jillybean x Oregon Blues

  • River Song
    BlueJ x Dr Who

  • Oregon Indigo
    Querkle x River Song

  • Slick Rock Kush
    "Pre 98" Bubba Kush x River Song

  • Chetco Fire
    Headband x River Song

  • Nightshade
    Durban Poison x River Song

  • Devil's Punchbowl
    Hell's OG x River Song

  • Sea Lion Haze
    Amnesia Haze x River Song

  • Driftwood OG
    Ghost OG x River Song

  • Crooked River Blues
    Quookies x River Song
    Collaboration with Nugbuckets


Farm Classics
Classic strains cultivated to their maximum capabilities
by Geek Farms

  • Headband
    *OG x Sour Diesel

  • LemonG

    *G13 x Lemon Thai

  • Ghost OG

  • Hell's OG

  • Coal Creek Kush

  • East Coast Sour Diesel

  • Zkittles

    Grape Ape x Grapefruit

  • Purple Urkle

Farm Select
The best modern genetics available
selected by Geek Farms

  • Dr. Who by Homegrown Natural Wonders
    Mad Scientist x Timewreck

  • Head Doctor by Homegrown Natural Wonders
    Headband x Dr Who

  • Querkle by TGA / Subcool Seeds

    Purple Urkle x Space Queen by TGA / Subcool

  • Willies Tour Bus by Tierra Rojo

    Highwayman x Northern Lights Haze

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