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Locally Owned & Operated

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Oregon Owned & Grown

Defining Craft Cannabis

Founded in 2013 with the idea that growing cannabis should be based on quality to organic standards. Striving to produce the best results in flavor, aroma, and effect. Using a propitiatory blend of living soil we produce a fragrant and potent variety of cannabis for recreational customers throughout Oregon. We have independent breeding facilities on site where we are able to research and develop unique cultivars with specific goal sets in mind. Our menu is diverse in potency levels, flavor profiles, and effect types. Find out more. 


Crafted with Care

Organically Grown

Utilizing organic inputs and recycling all of our soil has created an amazingly active and nutrient rich environment in our soils. With on site earth worm casting production and large compost areas we are able to reuse up to 70% of our previously planted soils and reuse those components in our fresh soil mixes for each planting.

Grown Organically for optimal plant health

Breeding Exclusive Genetics

Dedicated Dry & Cure Areas

Classic Genetics

In House Photography

Macro Photography

We are the representatives of the cosmos; we are an example of what hydrogen atoms can do, given 15 billion years of cosmic evolution.
— Carl Sagan

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